Bushland near Maningrida Airport. Photo by Ingrid Johanson

Manayingkarírra, Manawukan or as it is known in English, Maningrida, is one of the Northern Territory’s largest Aboriginal communities. It is located in Western Arnhem Land, approximately 500km east of Darwin, and was established on the land of the Kunibídji people at the mouth of the Liverpool River.

Maningrida is one of the most linguistically diverse communities in the world. It is home to over 2,500 from more than 100 clans and 12 distinct language groups.

Its residents keep a strong connection to their ancestral countries and many are still living on their traditional lands. This is why Maningrida is surrounded by 32 ‘homelands’ (sometimes called ‘outstations’) which are small communities ranging from one to ten houses, serviced and supported by Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation.

Maningrida is very remote and cannot be accessed by road during the wet season when the rivers are too high to cross. Darwin-based aviation company, Airnorth, has daily flights to Maningrida. Most supplies arrive on a weekly barge service.

To learn more about Maningrida and our region, please visit Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation, Maningrida Arts & Culture and Bábbarra Women’s Centre.