We, members of the crabbing crew, are all saltwater people from the coastal clans of the Maningrida region. We catch Mud Crabs (Bibbo, Walatja or Rrugurrgurda* in our coastal languages, Scylla Scerrata in Latin) from the creek and rivers around Maningrida.

Dean Cooper, Johnson Ankin and William Zitha on the crabbing boat. Photo by Clement Bresson

Mud crabs are an important cultural totem for the clans along the coast in the Maningrida region and are still a community favourite food.

We learn how to find mud crabs, catch them and cook them from our parents and grandparents when we’re young. They teach us how many crabs to take, and how many to leave. Our old people taught us to catch crab with spears and sticks, but now with our business, we use crab pots and a boat.

Maurice Kernan, Johnson Ankin and Dean Cooper with freshly caught mud crabs. Photo by Ingrid Johanson

We sell mud crabs in Maningrida, everyone loves them! We also sell across Australia and are happy to be sharing our fresh crabs across the country.  We store and ship them live so that you can have the freshest possible taste of one of the best native foods we’ve enjoyed here for generations.

* Ndjébbana, Na-kara, Burarra are three of the coastal languages of the Maningrida region spoken by members of the crabbing crew