Yibarda Barramundi

Our Yibarda (barramundi in Ndjebbana language) is caught in the pristine waters of the Maningrida region.

Traditionally caught using fish traps or spears, Yibarda has always been an essential part of the diet of saltwater and freshwater people living in the Maningrida region.

Stuart Yirawara, local man from Gupanga, runs our small-scale fishing operations in the nearby rivers. When catching barramundi from our boat Yokkarra I, Stuart and his crew follow both the rules set by NT Fisheries and traditional Aboriginal law. All the fish species caught, including the by-catch that is usually discarded by commercial fishermen, is kept to be sold locally or given to the families of the fishermen. The crew pays close attention to having a low environmental impact.

The barramundi gets filleted and packaged in Maningrida by our local Aboriginal fishing crew.

We can supply you with fresh barramundi that we send to any major airport around Australia and with fresh or frozen fillets. We have a minimum of 10 kilograms because of the costs of freight. Get in touch with us to organise your order!

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