Yokkarra – other fish

Our fishing crew also harvests other species of Yokkarra (fish in Ndjebbana) that we sell in Maningrida and in neighbouring communities, such as

  • Jayma (Burarra), Nmardba (Ndjebbana), the queenfish: when we see the speargrass come up, we know that the Jayma is laying eggs, and when the Northern Blackwattle produces its bright yellow flower, then we know its ready to catch.
  • Miyanga (Burarra), Njanabardakka (Njebbana), the trevally: we used to cook them over coals with the leaves of the Blackwattle to give them a special flavour.
  • An-bulabinya (Burarra), Mabbardobbarda (Njebbana), the blue salmon, that we sometimes fillet to sell in the community.
  • And many others so feel free to get in touch if you are interested in a particular species.

We have worked with linguists to create this poster showing the main species that we catch with our net from the beach with our Aboriginal Coastal Licence.